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Our job as teachers is to honor and build on what a child can do

and not destroy them for what they can't do.


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At the time of revising this web page (June 2011) I conclude my 54th year as either a teacher, teacher educator, researcher, or program developer, and usually several of those activities at the same time. I sure wish I could do it again!
I stared my teaching career in 1957 without having completed a bachelor’s degree. It was about three years after I started teaching that I had collected enough college credits to be eligible for a BS degree. If I had to do it over again, I would not have done it any other way. I learned by teaching and that caused me to conclude that if you are constantly learning, you can teach.
I have conducted many workshops over the years and I think that workshops are not the best way to teach. However, they can spark interest, and they can motivate. I hope I have accomplished that goal as I visited every state in the country as well as 35 foreign countries.
I developed this web page so that workshop participants could download and use my materials. Please click on HANDOUTS above to see what’s available. Please use any of the PowerPoint programs or other materials as you wish. They are there for the taking, and I also wanted to have them available so note taking would not get in the way of learning.
You can get to the websites for some of the programs and instructional materials I have helped to develop by clicking on INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAMS. The picture is my high school graduation picture taken in 1954. By 1956 I was teaching full time as a subtitute teacher and by 1957 I was on full appointment as a grade 7 English teacher and in my first summer as a special reading teacher for struggling readers.



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